Sunrise on a run

Sunrise on a run

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Getting Mobile

This morning while I snoozed, Mummy and I-B made some sticky sweet mice. I-B was responsible for something known as "QUALITY CONTROL"! Once I woke up we headed off to the garden centre to buy some potting compost, netting and an off piste seedling that Mummy couldn't resist.

Once home I-B played in the garden while Mummy got lunch ready - some of the neighbouring children were playing on next door's trampoline so I-B had lots of fun chatting with them and once she had finished her lunch she went next door to join them.

It was then naptime for me so Mummy got I-B to come back round - at which point she was invited to play on the other next door's trampoline (where there was a grown up outdoors). This enabled Mummy to get on with some planting - sugar snap peas, morning glory and clematis round the arch. She thinned out the Nicotiana (which Daddy had planted with a shaky hand) and the Japanese Lanterns. By this time I was awake but I was happy to sit on the picnic blanket while she planted the Camomile, the Delphinium and the Cucumber (replacing the Sugar Snap pea plant which had been decimated by our one-footed friends. This has been planted in the pot by the arch in the [vain] hope that it revives...

Next it was scooter time but I-B was too tired to make it to the swings so we came home for a rest while Mummy got dinner ready.

While Mummy tidied up I worked out a way of moving forwards instead of backwards. There was an inflatable ball in front of me but a little out of my reach. While putting as much weight as possible on my hands I "revved up" and dragged my legs forwards. I had made it closer to the ball. The ball rolled away a little. I made it closer to the ball. The ball rolled away a lot. I-B rolled the ball back to me. This is a very exciting breakthrough for me and I look forward to putting these newfound skills into practice tomorrow.

After bathtime it was time for a well-earned rest.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Ah new Shoes

Today was a soft play and farm day. On arrival I managed to recognise all the letters in the word "welcome" (completely unprompted). I spent an hour in and out of the soft play - sometimes lurking and sometimes going in there. People had to climb over me to go down the big red slide but at least I wasn't trying to climb up it today! Our friends arrived at about 11.30 so we went outside and played on the vehicles. We stopped for a lunch of jacket potato with cheese and beans - which Mummy finished off. P-L had a very orange mush which Mummy finished off. Wearing.

After this we went to see the farm animals - I liked the goats best and wanted to take them home with me.

We then ambled over to the outdoor climbing area which I enjoyed tremendously - once I had my ice lolly.

After this we went into town where Mummy got carried away buying half price -age in the health food shop. We then picked up some bits for cake and sweety making but we didn't have time for that today because I wanted to have my feet measured. It was good that I did as my feet had grown. I came away with a lovely pair of shoes. They're the best shoes ever and I even kept them on while Mummy got me ready for bed!

We saw Aunty Clare and I showed her my playdough and rainbow painting.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

OH I do like to be beside the seaside

Except the tide was out so the sea-side was a long way away today.

This morning we drove to the swimming pool to meet Grandma and Grandad and 4 of my cousins - Megs, Sam, Eth and Henners. We had lots of fun - me in my bond villain seat and I-B in her floaty ring. I-B clearly enjoyed the floaty ring as she was pushing off from the side while wearing it and lifting her feet off the bottom and floating and kicking! After lunch in the park we drove to the beach.

For me, the beach involved sitting on the picnic rug and nibbling the picnic rug label. Once I'd tired of that I discovered that grabbing sand was good fun. The other grandchildren took it in turns to be buried in the sand - including I-B! I-B was a little less convinced by the feel of damp squidgy sand as she walked to fill the bucket with water!

The rain clouds were looking darker and darker so we decided to head back to Grandma and Grandad's for dinner (Spag Bol for everyone else; chicken and veg rissoto mush for me).

Following this it was time to drive home...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dante's missing layer

Today we have mostly been at the layer which Dante missed - soft play on a rainy half-term wednesday. This wouldn't be so bad if there was a cafe area for the mummies etc but a bench along one side trying to prevent the babies being squooshed by 6 year old boys who are incapable of looking where they are going.

Actually it wasn't that bad - it was nice to see Jacqui and the girls (and the new nanny who is going to put out feelers for me - probably approaching friends of hers who are also want to move away from a nursery working environment).

A more relaxing afternoon making chocolate fruit (we'll make some more for you next week) and biscuits - we'll make some more for you as we will take them with us tomorrow.

Evening was rounded off with some toe-nail painting (or was it just toe painting - you be the judge: ).

I have just put I-B back into her bed having found her asleep on the landing! Photo to be posted in the usual place

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today Mummy was mostly attending a "stakeholder engagement" meeting about the future of local maternity and childrens' services.

I had much more fun at home with P-L and Thamu. We played with Duplo and arts and crafts stuff. When Mummy got home I greeted her with a glittery smile! We then went off to the Playbarn for an hour. At first I didn't want to go into the soft play but Mummy suggested I went in and she would time how long it took me to get from one end to the end with the big red slide. I don't think I made it to the slide, I was too busy making friends on my way!

I ate very well - polishing off lots of the chicken we brought home from the Christening and nearly two bananas! P-L and I were very good at bedtime. I wanted a Bright Bear the Pirate story but instead Mummy and started to make a list of things to go in his treasure chest: cotton wool and some glitter.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Now. How do I add a title?

Well today we have mostly been saying our farewells to Daddy as he flies off to Mexico on business. Come back soon Daddy...

We then went to see Nanny J and Grandad D and all the family. I had a nice sleep in the Bmer only to wake up in a busy house surrounded by chaos and mayhem. It's only a month since I last saw everyone but a month is 1/7th of my life so it's a long time to me and it took me a while to remember who was who...

The usual spread was laid out by Nanny J - mexican chicken (ooh the irony) or meatballs for main course. Mummy had the Mexican Chicken and I-B had the Meatballs. This was followed by the usual 24 desserts - all homemade (bar one) and all delicious. I nibbled a couple of strawbs and I-B tucked into the fruity pie concoction. Mummy had fruity pie AND chocolate cake - well it was right next to her. My Jar of pasta mush went down very nicely. Mummy was surprised as I voluntary opened my mouth for this - she didn't have to prise it open! Thamu had Mexican Chicken and something called Almond Ambrosia.

I-B spent the afternoon playing with the cousins and watching a bit of Pirates of the Carribean while playing with a pink power ranger - known to her as "your highness". Hiddy was absent for the afternoon. I mostly spent the afternoon rolling around the floor while Mummy and Thamu made sure all the small toys and bits of plastic were safely out of my way.

After a brief drive home I am now tucked up in bed and asleep (as is I-B) - my last act of the day was to dictate this (aaaah burble aaaaaaaaaaah eeeeeeeeeeeeeh) for Mummy to type.

Night Night Daddy. We love you lots x

Friday, May 23, 2008

I said I'd be back. Didn't I? anyway, after a brief flirtation with myopera and a less brief dalliance with facebook, I'm here. via the wii - two years since my last post and a new piece of technogeekery has found it's way into our lives. that and the bluetooth watch... watch this space...