Sunrise on a run

Sunrise on a run

Friday, January 11, 2013

Curry (musings on the back of a takeaway menu)

Come, don't hurry or harry, for hurray, it's Curry night!
Karma is yours, in creamy Korma
But first the pappadums, prickly pickles and pakora

Selecting the sides, too much dhal makes it dull
Bhaji: Brindal or Bhindi, Okra or Aubergine?
Rice now, or nan, not too much now for I
may slump into sleep, pilau for my pillow,
Pad ghum or party?

(pad ghum: Bengali expression describing carb-induced sleepiness after too much rice!)

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2013: the first post is away!

I was surprised when looking back through last years' posts that there were only just over ten, I thought I'd been more regular in my witterings. I suspect there's posts I meant to write but didn't get round to doing so.

This first post probably falls into that category. Back in September I took up crochet. Since then I've been crocheting my little socks off (perhaps I need to make a new pair?)

My first creations were the little monster Amigurumi which I'd mentioned in a previous post.

Once I had the hang of following a pattern (the secret is to keep counting), I made a mascot for Boo's first Netball match:

Followed by some Hello Kitty Witches. These took me longer than Halloween but the girls liked them nonetheless.

By now, it was time to start making Christmas decorations, I'm not sure why these pictures have come out smaller.

Next mission is a blanket for my Nan's 93rd birthday. It's made up of 9 granny squares sewn together. I've nearly finished the second one, fortunately I've managed to speed up so it may yet happen by mid-February...

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