Sunrise on a run

Sunrise on a run

Friday, June 21, 2013

Game of Thrones: the re-read

I have just completed a re-read of Game of Thrones. Series 3 has recently been broadcast in the UK, we don't have cable or satellite (an advantage or disadvantage of owning a listed property, depending on your perspective), so it's been amusing to see various references via social media to the events as they unfold.

When I last read the book, I posted my commentsand one of my main complaints was about the religions and how they sprout up like mushrooms. They tend to appear as a new contender for power is introduced and on a second re-read, they perhaps sit within the story more neatly.

My only criticism this time is that the present narrative is sometimes overtaken by past narrative. In book 5, certain characters consistently spend their time remembering events from 15 years ago and the plot advances more slowly as a consequence. I say criticism but it's an observation. Given the sudden appearance of characters, there is a certain need to provide their back story. A story is like a tapestry: you can see the threads which make up the front but without the criss-crossing tangle of threads on the back, there'd be no picture.

I have thoughts about where things might go but I don't want to give too much away: greyscale zombies v wights anyone? Unlikely but it was a thought that crossed my mind.

There was a meme doing the rounds recently about why George RR Martin isn't on twitter (think how many characters have been killed off so far...) I think on my next re-read, I will have to do a death count. Even after a second read I am in a state of denial over the demise of some of my favourite characters, I won't say who...On the death of some characters however, one has a feeling of resignation, a thought of "oh well, they've served their purpose".

It's called the Game of Thrones, but who is moving the pieces? There are a few puppet-masters but whose bidding do they serve?

I won't re-read now until book six is out, so no more blogs on Game of Thrones until then...

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