Sunrise on a run

Sunrise on a run

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hooked on Crochet!

I've been learning to crochet. Inspiration struck when I bought Mr S a Star Wars craft book. Among the patchwork quilt made from Star Wars t-shirts and the Hans Solo in "soaponite" there was an R2D2 beanie hat. Not knowing the least bit about how to crochet but liking how it looks, I invested in a couple of books, dug out a crochet hook from the bottom of the sewing basket and a ball of wool.
Here are my first attempts.

I've found YouTube indispensable as I can see how it's meant to take shape and look and here are my latest attempts: squares for little blankets for the girls' bears.

And the finished blankets. They were originally going to be 9 squares but the girls thought that an extra 3 squares would guard against chilly toes.

Snuggly bears! The sewing together wasn't too bad either. Not sure how long a full sized blanket would take.
These are going to be my next project:
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