Sunrise on a run

Sunrise on a run
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Garden (March 27-3-2011)

This weekend saw our first foray into the garden. We first stocked up at the Garden Centre and fortified ourselves with lunch and tea.

Focus was on the front garden. This area is nicely laid out with four beds for herbs, a planter for mint, a bay tree and some flower beds (Peonies looking very promising again this year). However, the beds had been taken over by something lemony and very prolific. Having had them cleared last year, it was time to start planting.

This is one of the beds. On the left we have chives (some already there and some nearly planted garlic thyme). In the middle we have rosemary (a rather tired looking plant that was already there and a more vigorous plant which was liberated from a pot on Sunday afternoon). On the right (eclipsed by the rosemary) a fennel-type plant.

The next bed is being prepared by Mr S in this picture. Some mint is visible and after this picture was taken, two varieties of thyme were planted. There is also some sage in this bed but it's not visible.

After clearing the planter and marvelling over the resident worms, we planted two varieties of Mint. Apple mint...

English Lamb Mint. This one has "Sunday Roast" written all over it.

Finally, I moved some of the Muscari and (I think, Primrose, or a weed with yellow flowers). There's plenty of room in this planter so I might add some more mint varieties.

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