Sunrise on a run

Sunrise on a run

Monday, March 24, 2014

Wholefoods Breakfast Run 8.2 miles

Following completion of the Surrey half marathon a couple of weeks ago, this Sunday saw me in Kingston for the Wholefoods breakfast Run. Usually after a half marathon, I find myself thinking "oh, I'll have a break from running for a week or two." That break usually continues for longer than it should. Signing up for a run two weeks later prevented that break from occurring.

In a twist on the meme "first world problems", I forgot my Nikeplus watch. This isn't so much a first world problem as an existential crisis: like the proverbial tree, if I haven't tracked a run, did I really run? The iPhone app wouldn't work hidden in a pocket so I thought I'd just have to chill and go with it.

Despite observing recently that I'm running for the enjoyment of running and not to measure my time, measure my improvements or run a pb, I do still like to have some post-run stats. I'd be lying if I said that not having my watch was liberating...

So, for the 8.2mile jaunt along the Thames, here are my 2 mile splits and average pace per mile for each split:

2M. 17:52 = 8:56
4M. 18:41 = 9:20
6M. 19:21 = 9:40
8.2M. 21:36 = 9:45

Total time: 1 hr 17min 30 secs

Ave pace: 9min 27 seconds

Someone please correct my maths if there's any glaring errors! Clearly of course, I will have to compare it to my average pace this year. What's clear is that my sub 9min mile was not sustainable. Something to work on? Perhaps a tip or two to be learned from this article:

So my angst over forgetting my watch was allayed by the timing chips and mats at 2mile intervals. It was a pleasant route: along the Thames, past Hampton Court and then back into Kingston. Only negative was the limited toilet facilities at the start but I suspect my need was psychological!!

Goody bag and mug at the end, various freebies from Wholefoods. Despite my scorn at their "healthy" convenience food, it was a good spread of chia seeds, a green shot, date and coconut bar and apple crisps. Plus coconut water which is a favourite source of running hydration.

My pre-run smoothie comprised oats soaked overnight in chocolate almond milk plus a banana (top tip: freeze them peeled!). I say pre-run. Getting out the house at 7am on a Sunday meant it became a post-run smoothie. At least I had a mug for it.

My next event? I've not booked anything yet. I want to find something which has an event the girls can join in. If we don't find anything, then a local Parkrun may do the job.

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